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The company MagicWare was founded in 1994. We belong to the companies which develop and expand dynamically. Our team is composed by experts who want to improve continually and to work on interesting projects. We are aware of the necessity to be up to date and that is why we invest into education. The synergy of enthusiasmus, knowledge and experience – that is what we can offer. We use modern technologies and are aware of future. Our systems are modular and universal, with the help of particular components we are able to cut costs but to save a high level of standard.

We try to strengthen and stabilize our position on the market with the help of the quality of our services and our flexibility. That means to provide efficient services in the best quality for a good price.

Company´s specialisation

Our main activity is the creation of dynamic applications based on the platform of Internet. Our portfolio includes classical intranet systems, business systems, academic applications, sophisticated database systems and also general enterprise applications which are becoming a main integration platform.

Company´s targets

We like to use our visions. When building each system, we think about its future development and maintainance. We want to offer you a complete product and service portfolio in order that you can concentrate on your main business and not on the maintainance of information systems.

Why MagicWare?

  • we are a young and dynamic team
  • we have experience, knowledge and enthusiasmus
  • we are a Czech company with an international potential
  • we offer high quality for a reasonable price

We always try to understand what exactly our customer needs and so make his work easier and more effective which means a higher profit and more security.

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