Magic Ware - O nás

An introduction to the company

MagicWare is based on the development of original software products, their introduction to a customer’s specific environment and the provision of subsequent long-term operational support.

We work using a robust universal information system (the Magic2G framework) which we adapt to our customers’ specific business and organisational processes.

Our main technological direction involves applications running on central cloud servers. The applications are accessible from anywhere via the internet either using a web application or as a set of single-purpose mobile applications.

The company’s focus

Thanks to our successes in the field of tourism over approximately the last 10 years, we have focused on those enterprises active in this area as our main target group. Our knowledge of this field and our products developed for the specific needs of this particular area of industry constitute our main competitive advantage.

The company’s goals

We like to make use of our vision during our work. We keep in mind possible further development and administration, when constructing all of our systems. We want to provide our customers with a full portfolio of products so that they only have to concentrate on their business and not on the maintenance of their information system.

Team MagicWARE

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle