Magic Ware - Služby

The services within the framework of the project

Our service team is available to you before you engage upon the project, during the launch of the application or during any other milestones throughout the application’s service life. We are ready to perform any processes for you with minimum burden and risk.

Consultancy activities

We are experienced in the creation of web presentations and information portals and in the creation and launch of internal company applications. Our consultants are available during the planning phase for the realisation of a new system or during launch of any of our products. The consultation in the early planning phase reduces the risks during all of the other steps in the realisation.


The implementation of the system in the user’s environment includes a range of service activities and the joint management of the project. The implementation of the system usually consists of the following components; the pre-project preparation, the realisation and the operational support. The implementation represents your entry into the world of an integrated system from a single supplier.

Analytical work

New requirements or searches for ways of realising completely new business and organisational models in our systems are the job of our analysts. We have a team of analysts which includes specialists in business process analysis, systems analysis and solution architecture.

One-off data transfers

When implementing a system, the data which enables the transfer to the new structure will be subjected to a one-off individual transfer. We are also able to remove the demanding overwriting of that data which already exists in electronic form at any time during the course of the application’s service life.


This mainly involves the initial training of the users after the implementation of the system or the training of any new incoming users. The training not only includes a demonstration of how to work with the system, but mainly information on how to apply your business or organisational models in our systems. The training usually includes presentations, discussions, practical exercises and final tests.


In the case of large scale system implementations, we are prepared to train the users by means of correspondence and an on-line discussion led by a trainer. The users receive the lessons in the form of access to an interactive website and they then carry out their own operations within the system’s testing version, step by step according to the tutorials in each lesson.

Regular service activities

Our service team is available to you after the implementation of an application or during further milestones throughout the application’s service life. We are ready to implement any processes for you with minimum burden and risk. The basis for this is the system for registering requests and the HelpDesk Manager who either resolves the requests directly or ensures their smooth clearance. The service includes customer access to the request registration system where the customer can not only see the status of the solutions for individual or received requests, but also the reaction speed. All of the responses and offers are always available via this portal.


Assistance by telephone or email during the resolution of non-standard situations. Assistance for the receipt of new requests and the provision of answers to questions.


From web presentations to demanding database systems. We operate a server farm for network partners where there is also room for you. The main advantage of connecting the helpdesk to hosting is that there is a single point of contact in the case of any difficulties.

Updates and maintenance

We regularly improve and optimise the individual agendas. The moral value of the application and performance is preserved. The technology therefore regularly changes in line with the current trends and support in the market.

Technical support

Technical support is provided by a group of programmers reserved for the provision of technical solutions requested by customers via the Helpdesk. The members of the team are always trained in the current version of the administered application.

Analytical and methodological support

Analysts resolve questions concerning how to realise your new ideas and work models in our systems or they prepare models to change and modify the system so that it meets your expectations or in order to increase the added value of the operated systems.

SEO optimisation

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) employee is also available when operating web applications, whose success depends on their degree of traceability on various internet browsers.

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle