Product introduction

is>content is not just a content management system, but a comprehensive system for managing a group of websites and portals. The system is built on the Magic2G platform, predetermining it for challenging projects interconnecting it with other modules on this platform. The system is best prepared for the following type of projects:

  • custom design websites builds
  • product, person and company catalogue design
  • booking system implementation
  • order system implementation
  • operating several systems under one website

Content management system

The heart of is>content is a clean content management system providing you with full control over your new website. Pages can be edited directly in HTML or by using a WYSIWYG visual editor. The WYSIWIG visual editor is a licensed system component and outperforms other WYSWYG editors with its superior presentation and speed.

Content language versions

The selected architecture makes it possible to easily create several language versions of a website, with separately adjustable menus for each version, in order to target the customer as best as possible in his/her native language.

News system

A news system is naturally available as well. You can use it to easily inform you clients about news, promotion offers or anything that must be quickly published on your website. The system records many individual news types.

Dynamic elements and templates

A set of dynamic elements are implemented into the managed webpages to connect the content management system with sites built on 2G framework. This makes it possible to easily insert a conference registration form or a tour search engine on your website.

Using existing webpages:

Even existing webpages can be imported into the editor, so any investment you have already made into your website before using this content management system, will not be rendered worthless. The system is able to adopt the complete structure, design and even code of the original pages, preserving the work of graphic designers, copyrighters and the hard work put into fine-tuning the website.

Multimedia archive

Each good presentation needs good images. Now you can manage your images through is>content’s multimedia archive. This module can store images and search created archives, it also offers a very user-friendly experience with structuring multimedia files. Any files can be saved using the file-system while assigning your own code names. This means a multimedia archive with hundreds of gigabytes of data will not slow down the database and files will be provided very quickly. When saving your photographs, the system will automatically create a preview to prevent slowing down the work with print-quality photographs that would normally happed due to the format or large size of the original file.

File manager

In case of individual installations, the use of a file manager is preferred over a multimedia archive (or when managing attachments). This makes it possible to create a directory tree and upload random files onto the server, add their description and then use them as attachments or in various articles.

Article versions

The system is able to manage two versions of each page – a “draft” and “live” version. This makes it possible to keep the original published on the internet, but already start working on the new version without changing the “live” one. When you have finished working on the new page, just a click of a button will transform your “draft” version into a “live” version. This will not interrupt the page’s accessibility.

Creating website structures

The system is capable of guiding you through the creation and adjustment of menus in such a way that creating your website’s structure will become child’s play. Many types of menus are supported. The user can choose from horizontal, vertical, drop down menus and much more. Creating a website map is easy as well, you just select how it should react, or for which language version it is intended.

Code quality and SEO

The system supports fully valid W3C and XHTML code while preserving all important SEO elements (Search Engine Optimization) like translations of addresses, key words, meta tags, etc.

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle