Our mobile application for travel industry

The main application is>tour is a robust tool allowing to manage large amount of agendas. For repetetive work with one agenda, it is more effective to use a mobile application, connected to the basic data of the is>tour. So in each of our mobile applications, you have the services you need with the ideal controls and everything easily manageable from the central application.

Delegate service

Printed lists are slowly becoming a thing of the past in many fields. So one could only expect when the elimination of paper documents will affect the activities of travel agency delegates as well.

Electronic communication has made sending travel and accommodation lists to tour-operator representatives in the destination much easier. A large part of communication today is underway via ordinary email, however, advanced reservation systems of tour operators have special online accesses where the delegate is able to manage themselves. The delegate logs onto these systems under their name and password and downloads the latest lists of persons directly to their notebook.

In spite of its high degree of updating and automation, the process has certain weaknesses. The delegate at the airport or on the road doesn’t want to lug along or open a heavy notebook, he needs to tick off the incoming clients and last but not least, there is often no internet access available on the way. Because of this, delegates are still printing the lists out and good old pencil and paper come into play.

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An introduction in this field is a mobile application „Delegate service“ which should do away with pencil and paper even in this last point of use. The mobile application removes all four major disadvantages of an internet-only solution at once.

  • The app works both on tablets and smartphones. It doesn’t require any time-consuming purchases of additional equipment. You can get a suitable lightweight device with a large display from CZK 2000.

  • The data is updated in the app when there is Wi-Fi connection available at the hotel. There is Wi-Fi connection in the overwhelming majority of hotels, so for using the app the delegate doesn’t need any mobile data tariff which is often expensive and unreliable abroad.

  • The app receives only data relevant to the delegate from the tour operator system. The delegate then opens only the data related to the arrival, departure, transport, hotel or specific reservation currently dealt with. This way, the delegate doesn’t have to worry what data he is supposed to download when updating.

  • The delegate can tick off in the lists as if they had a printed list and pencil. The process is touch-driven and intuitive. If they make a mistake, they can delete the ticks and start again. The tick off process may be repeated as many times as needed.

Delegátský servis v mobilu

Basic features

Automatic update

Once the app is connected to WI-FI or data network, it updates information in stored client lists.

Offline availability

Data is available even without a connection to a telecommunication network, which is often a necessary condition while traveling abroad.

Complete client administration

For each client, there is their information, data about their business case, fellow-travellers and contacts.

Delegátský servis - aplikace

Description of functions

  • Arrivals – the delegate is shown arrivals for the following week including the number of persons on the flight. The second step displays the list of persons on the flight where the delegate checks off all incoming clients (an alternative to checking off on paper).

    If the tour operator communicates a comment on a client to the delegate (overweight baggage, passenger’s disability, specific services etc.), an icon on the comment will appear in the list.

    From the list, the delegate may also enter personal details which include information from the travel contract. These concern the period of stay, hotel, departure date and time, telephone, date of birth, the services ordered from the tour-operator and a list of fellow-travellers in the travel contract.

    Departures – displays the same as Arrivals. The delegate carries out almost identical operations as with Arrivals. The list may be sent to a specified email address.

  • Hotels – displays a list of hotels in the destination including the number of currently staying people. In the next step the delegate selects a batch (dates of accommodation for clients) and then the rooming list for the hotel is displayed. The list may be sent to a specified email address.

  • Services – the delegate can insert trips they offer to clients in the destination. They assign ordered and paid persons to individual trips and keep records thereof. The list may be sent to a specified email address.

In addition to the application, the delivery solutions also include a new module for Magic2G „Delegate service“. It is possible to set a range of access rules for each delegate here, in the form of destination + selected hotels and periods from-to.

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Magic pass

Magic PASS

Documents the client is given while purchasing a tour or stay, such as the travel contract, voucher or flight ticket, have recently been provided primarily in electronic form. PDF files with important information are available for download in a protected section of the website, but when the client needs to reach these documents in the destination, often without an internet connection, they are suddenly out of his reach.

This issue is dealt with by an end-user app the client downloads from the TO’s website or AppStore and so has all important information on them in an offline form. And it’s not just check-in information. Apart from the check-in, the application, always changing its colour by the specific tour operator, also includes multimedia bonus contents and several helpful tools for the stay abroad.

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You will find here especially:

  • check-in documents
  • contacts to the delegate
  • notifications of important dates (payments, departure etc.)
  • offline bonus multimedia content (descriptions, maps, discount vouchers)
  • currency conversion app
  • GPS app for finding directions and distance to the hotel
  • vocabulary
  • possibility to order additional trips or insurance
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Cash register

The application is intended for delegates, field salesman or branches with more cash operations. The mobile app may include several cash registers the user can easily switch among.

The cash register may be created only in the mobile app or connected to the cash register kept in the is>tour system.

The cash register enables the following operations:

  • receipt of cash in the currency of the cash register
  • dispensing of cash in the currency of the cash register
  • receipt of vouchers
  • verification of vouchers in case of your own vouchers
  • generating cash journals

Why Magicware

We have experience, knowledge and success
We are enthusiastic about what we do
We are a Czech company which is active worldwide
We have a vision and we are prepared for the future
We are able to share out our costs thanks to the wide use of the system
We provide strong support throughout the application’s entire life cycle