Statistics and results

Outputs of the current status of sales enable users to make important timely decisions which might affect the sales. Analytical outputs of sales that have already come about then help properly set the right business models and strategies for the seasons to come. All outputs can be carried out whenever needed and they are always as accurate as possible as they are based on online data.

Sales status

The statistics provide information about the number of sold units in relation to purchased units. Furthermore, it displays the current status of sales in the form of number of reserved and vacant units, both in separate facilities and packages thereof.

It is possible to browse the contracted capacity and sales of units analytically in terms of time, quantity as well as the total financial turnover.

The outputs serve to order additional capacities or vacate them, to evaluate the success of each capacity in terms of fulfilling the original idea of sold rooms or spaces or also to evaluate in terms of forfeited capacity.

Statistics of applied discounts

The user selects parameters of the target group they are interested in and displays the result. The statistics displays the development of drawing discounts in the form of tables and charts. It is possible to display the number of events of providing discounts and the aggregate amount of provided discounts. All this for individual periods and for the whole season as well.

Statistics of distribution of administrative costs

Costs of marketing, catalogue printing or insurance of the tour operator may be distributed over individual retail prices at the time of calculation already. For differently defined groups of reservation numbers, a special statistical module is able to retroactively calculate the amount of money that has been thereby redeemed with individual administrative groups.

Statistics of profitability

The module enables the customer to display profitability per reservation number, destination, tour and many other objects. It takes account of real costs charged by the supplier and distributed into business transactions - reservation numbers.

TOP products charts

From the calculation of profitability, the system generates TOP charts of tours, dates, destinations or profitability.

According to the set level of detail of this output, the product manager is therefore able to minimize the recurrence of unprofitable destinations and accommodation facilities and, conversely, promote profitable localities and products.

TOP sales charts

In addition to the evaluation with respect to products, it is also possible to display tables and charts by retailers. Every day or month, the user is therefore able to keep an eye on TOP retailer charts of different categories or retailers in total.

The sales can also be monitored by branches and even by the retailer’s individual user names, by individual branches or the central office. Such outputs can be used, beside other things, to evaluate the best sales workers thereafter.


Tour implementation

A number of output reports is used for the implementation of tours during the season and for communication with partners. The aim is that all lists were prepared and delivered to their target users automatically, without any operator intervention.

Rooming lists

These are lists of persons and rooms filled with bookings or sales. The system recognizes:
  • rooming lists
  • booking position
  • release reports
  • transport lists for transfers
  • and many others

Each document may be sent as a whole or as additions to the last sent version. They state occupancy of rooms by specific users, ordered services and special instructions specified in booking.

Rooming lists may be sent as XLS files, MS Word files, PDF files or displayed as a normal webpage under a password. Everything is user-friendly administrable.

Transport lists

The system compiles, displays or automatically sends transport lists as well. In case of stops, these indicate when the given passenger boards including the most important contacts.

If the reservation module with the facility layout was used and such lists indicate the seat code, it is also possible to print out a booking layout with the passengers’ names to supplement the list.


The output reports on the current status of sales in the destination or accommodation facility are used for internal needs of monitoring the status of sales and taking corrections.

Check-in guide

A check-in guide is specified for each product. The product manager inserts information about the target location and general organizational guidelines in a template.

The system automatically completes the template with places, dates and times of departure, boarding places and times of collection or times and places at the destination station, names of accommodation facilities etc.


As with the check-in guides, this concerns filling in a pre-prepared template with specific data while generating vouchers.

The system enables automatic generation of vouchers and check-in guides. The check-in may therefore be carried out directly via retailer or branch employee.


These are special types of vouchers which also generate a record on issuing tickets. The system completes the ticket with a code, number, venue or event.

If a barcode generator module is installed, the ticket may be equipped with a barcode for future automatic reading or check.

Online check-in

Since the system generates guides and vouchers automatically, check-in may be carried out directly by the passenger. The passenger may log onto the webpage and download documents therefrom and confirm that the check-in has taken place, or the documents may be sent to the passenger’s email.

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